Investor FAQ

1. What does New Oriental do?

New Oriental provides a comprehensive range of educational services and products to address the needs of students of all ages.

At each step in our students' education, New Oriental is there as a trusted teacher and advisor – whether the task is preparing for the Chinese high school or college entrance exams, getting ready to take the international exams for overseas universities, or learning the skills most valued by today's employers.

2. When was New Oriental founded?

Michael Yu founded New Oriental on November 16, 1993.

3. Where can I find a New Oriental school?

New Oriental's 1,233 learning centers, including 95 schools can be found in 83 cities across China as well as online at

4. How many students does New Oriental have?

Since our founding, New Oriental has enrolled over 44.8 million students. In the fiscal year 2019, New Oriental had approximately 8.4 million student enrollments.

5. How many people does New Oriental employ?

We have over 64,300 employees including over 33,900 highly qualified teachers.

6. Is New Oriental partnered with any international education companies?

We currently have teaching and training program cooperation with the following major internationally recognized organizations: 

– ETS 
– Cambridge University Press 
– Cambridge English Language Assessment 
– Pearson Education 
– International House London 
– Bell Education 
– The McGraw-Hill Companies 
– Oxford University Press 
– Harper Collins 
– Macmillan Education 
– Evernote
– US News & World Report       
– Shorelight Education 
– Cengage/National Geographic Learning

7. Where is New Oriental traded?

New Oriental is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol EDU.

8. When does New Oriental's fiscal year end?

In keeping with the standard practice in the educational industry, our fiscal year ends on May 31.

9. Where can I find out information about New Oriental's quarterly performance?

Our quarterly earnings reports can be found in the Financial Reports section of our investor relations website.

10. Where is New Oriental headquartered?

New Oriental Education & Technology Group
No.6 Haidian Zhongjie, Haidian District,
Beijing 100080 PRC

11. How can I find out more information?

In China:
Ms. Sisi Zhao
New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc.
Tel:   +86-10-6260-5568