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  • Michael Yu
    Mr. Michael M Yu
    Founder, Chairman
    Mr. Michael Minhong Yu is the founder of our company and has served as the chairman of our board of directors since August 2001. He was our chief executive officer from 2001 to September 2016. Mr. Yu currently serves as the chairman of the board, executive director and chief executive officer of East Buy Holding Limited (HKEX: 1797), a majority-owned subsidiary of New Oriental.

    Prior to founding our first school in 1993, Mr. Yu was an English instructor at Peking University from 1985 to 1991. Mr. Yu received his bachelor’s degree in English from Peking University.
    • Chenggang Zhou
      Mr. Chenggang Zhou
      Chief Executive Officer
      Mr. Chenggang Zhou has served as our director since November 2010 and chief executive officer since September 2016. Mr. Zhou joined New Oriental in 2000 and has held multiple positions in our company since then, including president, executive president for domestic business, executive vice president, vice president and president of Beijing and Shanghai New Oriental Schools.

      Prior to joining us, Mr. Zhou was a correspondent for the Asia Pacific region and a program host at BBC. Mr. Zhou received his bachelor’s degree in English from Suzhou University in China and his master’s degree in communications from Macquarie University, Australia.
      • Zhihui Yang
        Mr. Zhihui Yang
        Executive President, Chief Financial Officer
        Mr. Zhihui Yang has served as our executive president since January 2021 and chief financial officer since April 2015. He held multiple positions since he joined our company in April 2006, including vice president of finance, deputy director of president office and senior financial manager.

        Prior to joining us, Mr. Yang served as the financial director of Beijing Hua De Xin Investment Co., Ltd. from July 2002 to March 2006. From August 1997 and May 2002, Mr. Yang worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a senior auditor. Mr. Yang received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University.